Live Imported Mussels

We import our mussels from different countries wherever the quality is the best at that time. Therefore prices may vary. Please ask our staff for more info. All mussels include 1 portion of Belgian fries with a side of mayo.

1/2 kg 550 ฿

1 kg 1,100 ฿

34 |  Mariniere

Natural style. Steamed with celery, onions and black pepper.

35 |  White Wine Garlic

Same as Mariniere with addition of white wine and garlic.

36 |  Diabolos

Spicy with tomato chili.

37 | Provencal

Celery, onions, paprika, herbs de Provence, garlic , white wine and fennel.

38 |  Grilled Mussels

Freshly opened and filled with garlic butter and parsley, topped with parmesan and oven grilled.

39 |  Au Saffron

Saffron, cream, fish broth, white wine cognac, tomato, garlic and cayenne pepper.

Extra 200 ฿ / kg

40 | Belgian White Beer

Made with Belgian draught Hoegaarden beer.

41 |  Yellow Curry Spices

Curry, cream, celery, onions and cayenne pepper.

42 |  Thai Style

Chili, Shallot, lime and Thai basil.

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