From the sea

| Live Seafood Tower. Steamed or Grilled

1 Canadian lobster, 1kg mussels, 4 tiger/ river prawns, 1/2 kg shripms, 12 oysters. Mayo and Thai sauce.

4000 ฿

| Canadian lobster

Live from our Lobster Tank

320 ฿ / 100gr.

| Fish and chips (home made) 1/2 or whole

Fresh white snapper made with a original Yorkshire beer batter, Belgian fries . Served with homemade tartar and lemon. Vinegar if you like it.

270 ฿ , 460 ฿

| Grilled Shrimp

Grilled shrimp garlic butter come with small salad.

450 ฿

| Grilled Seafood Set

Mixed grilled local seafood. Squid, mussel, shrimp, river prawns.

970 ฿

| Grilled Scottish filet of salmon

Top quality filet of salmon cooked to your liking. Sauces: lemon-olive oil, lemon-pepper, mousseline or hollandaise

590 ฿

| Jumbo White Crab Gratin – Mousseline

Crab topped with mousseline sauce topped with parmegiano, gratin.

520 ฿

| Dover Sole Meuniere

Dover sole pan fried in clarified Butter, parsley and our choice of side dish.

420 ฿ / 100 gr

| Grilled white snapper

Locally caught filet of snapper, frilled to perfection. Sauces: lemon-olive oil, lemon-pepper, mousseline or hollandaise.

450 ฿

| Grilled Prawns

Grilled to perfection with your choice of: Grlic-Butter, Curry-Butter, Lemon-olive oil or chilli-butter.

550 ฿

| Fresh Yellow Fin Tuna ( Centre Cut )

Fresh centre cut Tuna Steak. Have it your way with Pepper-Lemon, Bearnaise, Mushroom sauce, Black Pepper sauce, hollandaise mousseline or ask the chef! Served with Mash or steamed potatoes or Belgian Fries.

850 ฿

| Bouillabaisse

Fish soup from 5 different kinds of fish topped with mussels and fish filet. Served with toast and rouille.

380 ฿

| Lobster Bisque

Lobster soup made from Canadian lobster.

390 ฿

| Sizzling Shrimp

Classic but delicious shrimp in clarified butter, garlic and parsley sauce.

350 ฿

| Scampi Diavolo

Fresh shrimps in a creamy and spicy tomato sauce with tarragon herbs.

350 ฿

| Salmon Terrine

Homemade terrine of salmon, topped with a layer of smoked salmon. Swerved with toast and lettuce.

290 ฿

| Shrimp Croquettes

2 Croquettas with grey north sea shrimp bechamel filling.

310 ฿

| Smoked Salmon Toast

Fresh Scottish smoked salmon on homemade Toasted bread. Served with a side of sour cream.

330 ฿

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