46 |  Grilled white snapper

Pan grilled or steamed with your choice of provencal, mousseline, hollandaise, black pepper sauce, lemon-olive oil and lemon pepper sauce

450 ฿

47 |  Grilled Scottish filet of salmon

Top quality filet of salmon cooked to your liking. Sauces: lemon-olive oil, lemon-pepper, mousseline or hollandaise

590 ฿

48 |  Fresh yellow fin tuna (center cut)

Cooked to your liking. Sauces: lemon-pepper, black pepper, bearnaise, mushroom sauce or mousseline.

850 ฿

49 |  Dover Sole Meuniere

Dover sole pan fried in clarified butter, parsley and your choice of side dish.

420 ฿/100gr

50 |  Sole of Ostend

Local sole fish filets in a creamy white wine-fish stock reduction, topped with Fresh cooked imported mussels and Grey Belgian North Sea Shrimps.

550 ฿

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